Liebster Award 2016

We interrupt this regular programme for a blogging challenge!


The beautiful sunflower Elie of has nominated yours truly to do the Liebster award, a blogging award for bloggers by bloggers! If you have the time check out her site, she is the glorious hippie that we deserve, as well as the one that we need right now. Actually, check out her blog even if you don’t have time for a regular dose of ecological learning, beauty tips and just general cuteness. She’s the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope, ha.

Anyway as far as I can tell, the Liebster award is a way to support fellow bloggers who have a small following, and just a nice way to send positive vibes. I’ve got to answer 11 questions – let’s do this!

  1. What is your favourite subject to blog about?
    I’ve just started blogging so I don’t have a “niche” and I can’t say that I ever will have one, but I’m a storyteller by nature and I love talking about my personal experiences. I’m also a glutton who loves talking about food. So the Soul Food For Thought blog posts are my favourite to write because it combines the two!
  2. Are you a party animal or a home comforts kind of person?
    When I was doing my undergrad I loved going out and clubbing and partying, but the older I get, the more I prefer to be at home with my blog and my books and my copious variety of tea.
  3. What is your number 1 travel wish destination / which was your favourite holiday?
    A part of my quarter-life crisis involved the realisation that I had achieved my top ten travel list I made when I was 15, so I’m in the process of making a new travel list so that I have something to aim for. But I think my favourite place was Japan, I lived there for a year as a part of my undergraduate degree and I loved it! The food was great, the people were lovely, the anime was cheap and it was a dream come true for me. I’m aiming to go back for Tokyo 2020, if not earlier!
  4. Who / what first got you into blogging?
    No one, really. I had been told a couple of times by various people that I should have a blog and I’d made many attempts without any success. I think now I’m at a point where I feel like I have well-formed thoughts I want to talk about and blogging has provided me with a space for me to express my thoughts, even if they’re silly things about bras sometimes.
  5. What makes you smile and relax when you are having a bad day?
    Lots of little things. Peppermint tea and fluffy socks, Disney movies and popcorn, singing oldies (I just want your extra time and your dododododododododo KIIIIuhss), talking to my Gentleman Caller, reading a book while shovelling maltesers down my face…
  6. What is your favourite book / who is your favourite author?
    Why would you ask me that. I cannot choose my favourite oxygen molecule.
    I’ll tell you that I’m currently reading David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks while I wait for MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood to appear in the post.
  7. What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten?
    Hmmmmmmmm. That’s difficult to choose. I do love me some food. I think food tastes more delicious when it’s tied to an experience, though, so gelato in Italy, pizza in Italy, pasta in Italy… mmmm Italian food.
  8. What three things have you learnt from having a blog?
    I’ve learnt that there are whole communities of bloggers I didn’t know about, I’ve learnt that maybe I’m not as bad a writer as I think I am and I’ve learnt that it’s kind of therapeutic to write things down, even if they’re not necessarily about my feelings right now.
  9. What is your greatest fear?
    My greatest fear is my biggest paradox. I fear that I won’t be able to achieve all that I want to achieve, but every time I achieve something, I find something new to work towards. So I’ll never really stop, will I?
  10. What do you value most in life?
    My relationships. Not many people are fortunate enough to have good relationships with wonderful people. I’m so thankful to be close to my family, and to have great friends and a lovely GC.
    Also my xBox because it was the first thing I got with my very first paycheck. Maybe it sounds shallow, but it was the first thing I ever owned that was truly mine, y’know?
  11. Which is your favourite season of the year and why?
    Fall because the leaves are beautiful, it’s not too hot and not too cold and because of my birthdaaaaay!!!


Amanda from

Dana from

Nadine from

1) What made you start a blog?
2) What’s the best part of your life right now?
3) What’s one thing you’re proud of?
4) Is there one show in particular you love watching?
5) What’s one thing you’d tell your past self?
6) Do you believe in ghosts?
7) What’s your favourite song?
8) What’s your favourite meal to cook?
9) Do you like animals?
10) Sweet or savoury?
11) What’s something few people know about you?

Anyone else interested in doing this, let me know and I’ll nominate you 😀


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