A Letter to my 15 Year Old Self

Dear me,

How are you? I’m good thanks. Not that you (I?) asked, but I know you would if you could. You/We were raised like that.

How’s Convent going? Autumn has just begun, so I guess you’re still in summer mode too. You’re relaxed, you’re gonna go into Form 4 (Year 10) now, even though you did *terribly* in that History exam. We still haven’t memorised the year Toussaint L’Overture did that badass thing where he took over Haiti, but that’s ok, we don’t need it now.

I’m turning 25 in a few days, can you believe it? Well yes you can, you’ve always been good at Maths. It really doesn’t feel like 10 years, but it has. I know you used to roll your eyes when old people said it, but I’m an old person now and lemme tell you, stuff’s legit. Seeing kids you used to know as toddlers all grown up is scary stuff, dude. Some of them have kids and all!

Relax. I don’t have kids and I don’t plan on it happening soon. That’s remained unchanged.

So what has changed? Well, I’ve discovered that real boys are alright, you know. Remember when you’d say “what am I meant to do with a boyfriend? How often do they eat?” Well I’ve got one now and he eats 3 times a day with snacks in between. He can’t cook, more’s the pity, but you’ll have learnt by the time you two start dating, and he does the dishes anyway so it’s a good balance. Is he as good looking as Kai, Kurama, Sesshoumaru or any of the anime boys we used to crush on? Hell no. Do you still harbour anime crushes? Hell yes. But he’s cute and he supports my many, many obsessions, so all’s good on that front.

Am I a paediatrician? Sadly, no. I shadowed one about a year after I got to England and decided that the last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by mounds of paper and only seeing patients for 5-10 minutes (which is a part of the reason why you wanted to be a paediatrician – you didn’t think you’d be able to handle something more hands-on, remember? Sorry if I’m outing you, you never really told anyone, and you won’t till you’re about 20). Turns out we’re a lot stronger than you think, young lady. We’re tough as all hell now. Gave an injection the other day and I didn’t even cry! Please listen to the enclosed song “I’m A Boss-A** B*tch” by Nicki Minaj. It’s from the future but it’s pertinent. I’m training to be a children’s nurse, and yes I still want to join MSF and save the world, or at least a little part of it. It’s slow going, but we’re getting there!

Ok so now you’re wondering what else has changed. I finally went to Japan! I… Ok… You… you need to stop screaming. I know you’re an excited teenage girl, but please. Ok. Stop. It was exactly as wonderful as you imagined it being, and I was there for a whole year. I’m still not fluent but I could ask for the bathroom and for food. I ate my weight in Pocky and ramen, and I made some very awesome friends there too. I even climbed Mt Fuji! I twisted both ankles on the way down but that’s another story for another day. I also got the entire series of Full Metal Achemist. I didn’t get to see Gackt in concert but I saw Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and Big Bang, so it’s still a win for the books. I’m not emo any more, sorry. I still wear black eyeliner though. Consider it a throwback to… well.. you!

Mother is fine, Father is not. He got ill a few years ago. He’s better than he was, but not by much. That was tough on us. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve got a great family, made some amazing friends in secondary school, and you continued to make some more as you got older. That support comes in handy a lot. You did good, kid.

So what’s in store for us? Well, we’re going to finish our second degree next year. Our first was in Genetics, so we’re hoping to combine the two in the future and take part in some exciting science-y stuff. We’re gonna do a masters, and then we’re gonna do a diploma in Tropical Medicine and then we’re gonna go volunteer somewhere cool and maybe do a PhD. We’re going to rent and then buy and there’ll be at least one pet in the middle, maybe a cat or a turtle. Boyfriend better keep up cuz we’ve got plans! Mother’s asking for grandkids, and I guess we’ll get round to that, but I’d like to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and I don’t think we can do that with a child. We’ve been to a few cool places, but we’ve got a lot more places to go, so our savings will go to that. When we actually get savings, that is!

Lots of Love,

P.S. We’re still massive nerds. That’s not gonna change anytime soon.



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