Teaser Trailer

So I’m on hiatus. Again. For like the third time this year. 

In this case it’s probably for the best. I’ve just started placement in the Neonatal unit, which means that for the next 6ish weeks I’m going to be cradling tiny babies (and changing tiny diapers full of tiny smelly poos). I’m not particularly excited about it but then again, I probably would be if I didn’t have to commute for 1.5hra at 5am.

I’m thinking of changing my schedule. Currently I post biweekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but on top of placement, I have a lot of things to do (assignments, meetings, and conferences, naptime) and it means that I keep accidentally posting drafts instead of completed thoughts :/ so I’m gonna cut down to every Wednesday (or maybe every other Wednesday?). That will give me more time to finish what I’ve started, which includes… 

  • Cultural Appropriation
  • My hospice placement
  • Role Models
  • Sex Toys (the title for this one makes me giggle… You’ll see why) 
  • Nursing history
  • Representation

And a host of other stuff I’m looking forward to writing 😀

Hopefully I can keep up with that schedule better than the one before, believe it or not my self-care is pretty much this, snacking and the occasional run. Oh and crying over the season 7 premier of The Walking Dead. That cut me deep, man. 


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