Night Nurse: Student -> Qualified


Well, I mean I got the job in, like March, but I wasn’t writing then so I’m telling you now!

You are looking at at a Band 5 Newly Qualified Paediatric Nurse at… a famous children’s hospital. I’m supposed to up my social media security and become a more ~private~ person, but I really don’t know how the NMC guidelines on social media feels about blogging so I thought I’d ask the RCN.

“I…oh. What an interesting question!”

The RCN also didn’t know what to do with bloggers, it turned out.

Anyway, the end result is that I have to be more private, not say anything offensive and talk to my line manager in case my hospital turns around and says “Hey, we like our nurses to be big on social media!” So away with any photos of me, to be replaced by stock images of Caribbean women…

This is the first picture I got on Google when I typed in “Caribbean People”. I am now Lupita.

… maintain anonymity of anyone I’m in contact with, and do not be slanderous in anyway. Which is fine, as I am *~*lovely*~* (and modest) and wouldn’t hurt a fly anyway.

Other than the necessary aspects of my job that will involve inflicting pain, of course.

New jobs come with big changes, man. In the past week I’ve moved house, gotten my uniforms, posed for my ID badge, gone to a hipster restaurant and eaten a salad with all sorts of “superfoods” in it…. Big changes, man!

I didn’t think I’d like it so much but I really do! If you’re reading this and you’re from the UK, keyworker accommodation is an NHS worker’s best friend. I’m living in the centre of one of the most expensive cities in the world for chump change. My room is big enough to fit all my stuff, my (shared) kitchen is big enough to fit my slow cooker and there’s like 3 toilets. The admin lady who houses people looked really apologetic when she told me about the accommodation, as if she’s never seen the horrors of student accommodation. Compared to some student housing, this is the equivalent of a tiny palace AND the walls are thick enough for me to listen to music at 3am without guilt? SOLD.

So I guess this is it. Student Nurse Me is now Staff Nurse Me. I’m gonna try to write about my experiences as a student and as a staff nurse, but I won’t stick to as rigid a blogging schedule, at least not until I get the hang of having a living wage and being a Real Adult™. So far all I’ve had is induction and meeting new people (all of whom are lovely<3). I’m really enjoying this, guys 🙂

I mean, I’m sure the novelty will wear off when I realise that nurses are paid in pennies but, y’know. Whatever.

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